Obstetrics Specialist

Carlos G. Peña, MD, FACOG

Obstetrics & Gynecology located in Coral Gables, FL

With nearly four million babies born in the U.S. each year, Obstetrics care is an essential part of both the mother’s and baby’s lives to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery. At his state-of-the-art office in Coral Gables, Florida, Carlos G. Peña, MD, FACOG, provides exceptional OB/GYN services to women in the greater Miami community. The team offers the latest ultrasound technology as part of routine OB care during pregnancy, so you can see your baby develop during each trimester. If you are pregnant, call the office, or schedule a consultation for outstanding OB care.

Obstetrics Q & A

What types of OB care does Dr. Peña offer?

Dr. Peña and the team in Coral Gables offer comprehensive OB care during pregnancy and your baby’s birth. Dr. Peña is skilled in all aspects of your pregnancy health and can perform Caesarean surgery, if necessary. Typically, during your pregnancy, you’ll have regularly scheduled appointments to monitor your and your baby’s progress each step of the way.

OB care focuses on keeping you and your baby as healthy as possible during all stages of your pregnancy and delivery. Dr. Peña offers prenatal OB care in his office including the latest ultrasound technology, so you can see your baby in 3D. He also provides specialized care for women during high-risk pregnancies.

When would I need an ultrasound?

Usually, you have your first ultrasound appointment during your first trimester of pregnancy, around six to nine weeks as part of your routine prenatal OB care. Then, you may have another ultrasound about halfway through your pregnancy, somewhere between 18-22 weeks. Dr. Peña may request additional ultrasounds during your pregnancy if you are considered to be high-risk because of your age or health conditions.

An ultrasound, a completely safe procedure for both you and your baby, allows you to see how your baby is developing. For Dr. Peña, an ultrasound provides necessary medical information about your baby’s internal organs, outer extremities, as well as your baby’s gender, age, and growth rate. An ultrasound can also provide information regarding any birth defects or areas of concern.

How often will I need OB care visits during my pregnancy?

Each woman and each pregnancy is different, but typically, you come in for a checkup every four to six weeks during pregnancy, as long as you’re healthy and between 18-35 years old. If you’re older than 35, your pregnancy may be considered high-risk, so you may need to have additional prenatal checkups. In the last few weeks of your pregnancy, Dr. Peña typically has you come in every week until your baby is born.

The team of medical professionals tailors your OB care to your specific needs to ensure that you and your baby have the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible.

If you’re pregnant and live in the Miami area, call the office to schedule a consultation regarding your OB care, or request an appointment online.